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The apps and solutions available in the market have increased the convenience of people, and nowadays, there are better solutions for almost everything. These solutions include travel apps too. People need better travel solutions, and the companies are trying to provide them with the travel app development. A travel app has become mandatory these days, and because of its amazing benefits, there is no wonder that people are relying on them for almost everything these days.

Technostacks is a top travel app development company in USA and India that offers travel app development services across the globe. You can hire dedicated travel app developers from us part-time of full-time at affordable travel app development cost.

The digital technology has so many advantages, and an efficient travel app can ensure that people get these advantages. If you are looking for a travel app development company, then you are in the right place. At Technostacks, we provide you with effective travel app development services that will make your company stand out. Some of the amazing features that we include in our travel apps are mentioned below.

Travel App Features

Itinerary Generator

This is a must-have feature in every travel app. The travel app itinerary will attract a lot of customers. We know that this is a complex algorithm, but we have an efficient team that will make it look simple and effective. No matter how firm or tough it is, we will ensure that you get this feature on your app. The itinerary generator will give customers an option to enter custom landmarks or tourist destinations on their own.

GPS Locations

This is another feature that we will add to your app. Whenever a tourist lands in a new place, they need to check out the places that are nearby and search for hotels, etc. With GPS feature within the app, it becomes pretty easy for the users to do it. It will track the location and at the same time, fetches the location results that the tourist wants. This is an important feature needed for travel app development solutions.

Personal Account for User

Every user who wants to use your app should sign up using their social media account, email, or phone number. This way, the user will have his or her personal account with all the details and history in place. They can also add their debit or credit cards, link up the app with their mobile wallets for easy payment.

Booking Taxis and Hotels

The travel apps with these two features are nothing less than a boon for the tourists. We will add these features in your app and ensure that people get the best deals from them with ease.

Climate Forecast

Having a climate forecast in mobile is going to help a tourist in so many ways than you can imagine. We will ensure that your customer gets details right on time with our app.

Currency Exchange Rates

Although this isn’t a pretty common feature, it will help tourists in various ways and is one of the most interesting features too. We will include the currency exchange rates in your app so that the customer can check the real-time rates whenever they want without any hassle.

Emergency Local Phone Numbers

Nobody knows what happens and when things happen. This is the reason why we will add the emergency phone numbers of every location in our app. This way, the customers can fetch the details online directly. This is another interesting feature that one can get from a travel app.

Various Payment Methods

There are different types of payment methods that customers opt for. We will ensure that they are provided with all the payment details in the app. Be it credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, or any other payment integration. We provide all the methods online, making it easy for the people to make the payments.

Why Choose Technostacks?

We at Technostacks have designed some of the cutting-edge travel apps already in the market. Our team can equip your app with all the amazing features that you have been waiting for. With top-notch technology and resources in place, we are committed to delivering only the best quality features for our customers.

We combine innovation and technology together for travel mobile app development. If you are someone who is in search of travel app development agency, then you can hire us. Let us help out in creating the best travel app at an affordable cost for you.

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